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Furoshiki Mikazuki

Furoshiki Mikazuki

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A Japanese Traditional Wrapping Cloth Meets Western Modern Design, Perfect Scarf, Gift-Wrapping Cloth, Tapestry, Tablecloth, Foldable Eco-Wrapping Textile, Eco Bags, Handbags, Organizer for Luggage! Unique and Stylish All in One!!


Specificaion of Furoshiki

Size: 1000mm x 1000mm (36 x 36” inches)

Material: 100% cotton satin/Washable

Traditional Hand-Painted Screen Print Method by artisan craftsmen

Handmade in Japan


Details of Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in multiple ways, for bundling or gift-wrapping all sorts of things. It really can transform into just about anything you could imagine and VERY eco-friendly.


Furoshiki as Scarf

It’s also wearable, even as a scarf. This particular light smooth cotton satin furoshiki works perfectly as a scarf. It softens up the more you wear and wash it fits comfortably on your skin.


Features of Furoshiki

Incredibly handy for its usage, it could be from eco-bags to handbags (with or without leather straps), wrapping up your baby against the cold, to an impromptu picnic blanket, table cloth, to a unique little wrap for your goods and gift wrap. This special Japanese wrapping cloth gives your imagination a chance to run free!!


Beyond Your Imagination!

There are so many ways how to use it, can wrap your yoga mat and use it as a blanket during shavasana if you feel a little chilly. Take it with you to hiking, organizing your backpack/suitcase, it could be a picnic blanket during the breaks, cover your face/head when it’s windy, dusty, sunny, cold on all sorts of weather. If you need extra hand bag, you can make eco-bag!! Find your favorite way!!

We are extremely happy to share with you our traditional, yet modern furoshiki cloth, which is famous in Japan for its versatility.

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