When you select a gift, you try and guess what the reaction of the other will be, and always look for the most relatable yet surprising present you could find. What can brighten their day? How can you make their heart full?

In Japan, the art of gifting is a profound gesture, woven with intention and history. Furoshiki is a timeless treasure born around 710 B.C. This traditional wrapping cloth started with a humble purpose: to protect kimonos in bathhouses. Over time, its role evolved, making it the emblematic wrapping method that is considered a kind and considerate gesture.

Here's a little tradition to ponder: In Japan, the person who receives a gift can either return the Furoshiki cloth to its sender or keep it for themselves. The recipient can always choose to keep the cloth to then use it to wrap a gift to someone else in the future.

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An Environmental Gesture

The use of furoshiki wraps as an environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping paper and shopping bags is encouraged by the Japanese government. Made from 100% cotton, each furoshiki is handmade in Japan by artisan craftsmen following traditional crafting and printing methods. When you choose this eco-conscious wrap, you reconnect with nature, grounding yourself and embracing a harmonious, sustainable lifestyle.

Try a planet-friendly wrapping alternative.

A Furoshiki for Everyone

Time passes, but memories and Furoshiki stay. Offer gratitude and kindness with this purposeful gift that can wrap a second one. Give your loved ones a piece of your affection for them that they can reuse many different ways: a lunchbox wrapper, a tablecloth, a household decor, a scarf… Furoshiki allows people to express their imagination without limit.

We offer you diverse patterns and shades to make sure to find the perfect match for your or your loved ones’ style, aura, and energies.

Embracing Furoshiki is a step towards artistry, gratefulness, and lasting joy. 

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  • Gift Wrap


    Perfect way for an elegant gift wrap! Watch the video and lean how to!

    Your next present will look as pretty as what’s inside.

    How to gift wrap 
  • Bottle Carry Wrap


    A perfectly wrapped gift for a party,
    or simply the best way to carry bottles and yet reusable!

    How to wrap wine bottles 
  • Eco-bag


    Use as an eco-bag,

    Bye to plastic bags, hi to eco-life. Instead of buying more reusable grocery bags - use Furoshiki!

    How to Make an Instant Shopping Bag! 

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