What is Furoshiki
Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. It can be used in multiple ways, for bundling or gift-wrapping all sorts of things. It really can transform into just about anything you could imagine. From wrapping up your baby against the cold, to an impromptu picnic blanket, to a unique little wrap for your goods and even a scarf. This special Japanese wrapping cloth gives your imagination a chance to run free!!
Japanese Hand-Painted Method
All our furoshiki are handmade in Japan by artisan craftsman using Japanese traditional hand-painted screen print method and 100% cotton. Eco-friendly, unique and stylish all in one.
Factory Bit of History

Bit of History

Japan has an ancient culture, and the furoshiki is one of the tools that Japanese people have used as a part of their daily life for centuries. The furoshiki was first used an incredible 1200 years ago, where it was used to wrap and protect the Emperor’s treasure in Nara. Even today, modern Japanese people use this cloth to protect their own valuable objects! The ancient traditions behind using the furoshii cloth come with this cultural significance imbued in it; Japanese people using wrapping and tying their possessions—or even child—in a furoshiki are engaging in a timeless ceremony of love, care and respect.


When sending a gift to a friend or loved one, wrapping it inside a furoshiki also becomes a deeply thoughtful gift—especially when compared to using carelessly disposable wrapping paper!  Furoshiki can make a wonderful gift idea for a loved one, or a unique and ecologically-friendly way to store your precious possessions in style. Made from 100% cotton and woven in the traditional manner, our long-lasting furoshiki follow a long, proud Japanese tradition that is still relevant today.




Find Your Favorite Way!! 

Our furoshiki is one such traditional Japanese cloth that we want to share with the world—and for you to enjoy using every day. Find your favorite way how to use it!