Hand Crafted Leather Strap 

Handcrafted Furoshiki Leather Strap


Our leather straps are all created from tochigi leather for an extra touch of quality and class. The care which goes into the creation of these products is reflected by a lack of wrinkles typical to leather, while over time the leather increases in shine as the color grows deeper, giving your tochigi leather strap added personality as the months and years go by.

For the metallic parts and details, Mr. Sato uses brass, a traditional metal that offers many subtle touches to the finished product. Not only does brass age gracefully, giving an “antique” look and feel, its shine matches the dark brown hues of the leather perfectly while being rust-proof.

Combined with the self-disinfecting oligodynamic properties of the metal, brass is an easy maintenance metal that completes the high-quality look and feel of all our furoshiki tochigi leather straps.

Tochigi Leather


Tochigi leather products are made with top-grade Nume leather which has undergone a traditional month-long tanning process with South American mimosa vegetable tannin extract. This organic process creates a leather with a lustrous shine and a delicate, almost baby-like touch that belies its strength. Tochigi leather is also renowned for its comfortable fit which molds itself to your hand over time.


Our master artisan craftsman Sato-san carefully selects the tochigi leather, cutting and sewing it into the final product before buffing it to a beautiful finished polish. This painstaking process takes many weeks, and each tochigi leather strap of ours is a masterpiece of dedication and delicate operation.