The Power of Living in the Moment: Furoshiki and Me

The Power of Living in the Moment: Furoshiki and Me

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, many people tend to overlook the value of the present moment.

Seven years ago, I encountered furoshiki while visiting Kyoto with friends. It was not just a practical tool but a tradition rich in history and meaning. Captivated by its intricate designs and careful wrapping techniques, I became deeply fascinated by this art form.

Since then, I have studied furoshiki on my own, but true understanding came from a life-changing experience.

During one of my alpine climbing adventures, I found myself in a dire situation due to my mistake, falling from a height of 40 meters. What saved me was a knot known as the figure-eight knot. I believe it was the desperate desire to survive and the prayers of my companions that worked a miracle.

This miraculous knot inspired me to devote myself to my passion.

More than mere decoration, I aim to express the deep emotions and spiritual connections embedded in the acts of wrapping and tying.

Each knot I tie carries intention, wishes, and a celebration of the present moment.

My story is a testament to the beauty and strength found in our imperfections. It highlights the importance of cherishing each moment, wrapping life in gratitude and connection.

The greatest gift I have discovered is the very moment we are living in right now. Through this blog, I hope you can also appreciate its beauty.

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