Furoshiki is a heart!

Furoshiki is a heart!

Since I first met the Furoshiki (the Japanese wrapping cloth), I came to think that the Furoshiki is just like a heart, feeling itself!

When we give a gift, we all want to be sure that our present may also transmit our feelings.
Isn't it like that when we give something to someone we care?

The furoshiki is not only protecting and carrying your present but represents that feeling. It really connects with the heart of the person you love. It's kind of a special power that I noticed in the furoshiki.

The more I use it to give a present, I also started to use for my own. If you wrap your things carefully, every day using your favorite furoshiki, and using them with love and kindness, those things will become even more helpful to you. I know, it sound strange but somehow, I became more respectful of my things and people around me.
I think that the way you treat things also express yourself.
And the furoshiki will spread its magic!!

For the loved ones and for your own, it makes such a perfect gift to tansmit your feeling on the Valentine's Day<3

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