A Heart-to-Heart Connection

A Heart-to-Heart Connection

Furoshiki is a cloth that wraps and protects precious items. It is gentle to both objects, people, and the environment. Each piece of Musubism's furoshiki is dyed by skilled Japanese artisans, with heartfelt dedication. It is a special furoshiki where kind hearts and souls connect.

We believe that people who use furoshiki treat their surroundings with care. Amid the repetition of daily life, they find interest and joy. Their hearts naturally align. When sending gifts wrapped in furoshiki, we believe that kind hearts connect.

Our furoshiki is meticulously dyed, one by one. It is a furoshiki that Japanese artisans have dyed with heartfelt effort, emphasizing each individual color.
Its beautiful hues and soft texture bring comfort to the soul. Using furoshiki not only protects precious items but also brings tranquility to the heart.

Furoshiki is a special presence. Why not wrap and gift something important to the people you cherish using furoshiki? Capture those moments and memories, and share them on Social Media! The kind-heartedness of furoshiki will be conveyed through your photos, inspiring awe and empathy in many people.
Share your exceptional furoshiki pictures and let's celebrate beautiful moments together!


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