Come and Join Us for Heart Warming Furoshiki Workshop! 風呂敷ワークショップ!

Come and Join Us for Heart Warming Furoshiki Workshop! 風呂敷ワークショップ!

We are looking forward to creating a heartwarming atmosphere for meaningful interaction. Here are the details of the workshop:

[Date and Location]

Date: June 24, 2023

Location: 3rd floor, Jiyugaoka Juku

[Participation Fee]

Fee: 500 yen


Due to limited seating, please make a reservation in advance through email or direct message.

[Workshop Content]

  • Brief explanation about the charm, history, and types of furoshiki.
  • Practical demonstrations of furoshiki wrapping techniques.
  • Learn essential knotting methods and how to make eco-bags using furoshiki.
  • Practice wrapping wine bottles in a way that will impress guests at home parties.
  • No tools required. Just come as you are!


Part 1:

  • Time: 13:00-14:30

Part 2:

  • Time: 15:00-16:30

[Enjoying Jiyugaoka]

After the workshop, feel free to explore and enjoy the restaurants and cafes in Jiyugaoka. With its abundance of delicious dining options and trendy cafes, you'll have a fulfilling time.

For reservations, please contact us in advance via email or direct message. Let's explore the charm of furoshiki together and experience heartwarming connections. We look forward to seeing you there!




 日時: 2023年6月24日 場所: 自由が丘住区3階


 料金: 500円



 予約方法: メールやダイレクトメッセージなどで予約をお願いします。








1部: 時間: 13:00〜14:30

2部: 時間: 15:00〜16:30


ワークショップ後は、自由が丘の町でランチやカフェをお楽しみください。自由が丘は美味しい飲食店やおしゃれなカフェがたくさんありますので、充実した時間を過ごせることでしょう。 予約に関しては、事前にメールやダイレクトメッセージでお申し込みください。ワークショップ当日、皆さまと一緒に風呂敷の魅力を探求し、心温まる交流を楽しみましょう。お待ちしております!



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