Celebrate Tango no Sekku: Embrace Tradition and Clear Away Malevolent Energies

Celebrate Tango no Sekku: Embrace Tradition and Clear Away Malevolent Energies

Hello everyone!

Tango no Sekku is just around the corner. In Japan, the five seasonal festivals are celebrated with various prayers and wishes, and what better opportunity to rid ourselves of malevolent energies at the same time?

The concept of "malevolent energy" includes illnesses, bad intentions, and even spooky stuff. Back in the day, when medicine wasn't as advanced, getting sick could mean the end, so it totally makes sense to think that people were keen on clearing away bad vibes with the change of seasons.

It's believed that this negative energy, if accumulated, can have harmful effects not just on the person, but also around them. There's a saying, "Illness comes from the spirit," meaning that it's not just physical sickness but also bad energy that can inhabit the mind and spread. If this energy builds up, it can attract even more negativity. People who find themselves constantly in undesirable situations should take heed—it happens to everyone, after all.

Unknowingly, we might gather this negative energy, and what better time to cleanse it than during a festival celebrating a fresh season?

While you could go to a shrine or temple to clear this negativity, I like to think of fun, exciting things. It's weird, but when I daydream like this, I often get invites from friends and family! And in those moments, I feel like giving gifts wrapped in furoshiki, feeling all excited and content as I tie the knot, as if I'm sealing my good wishes inside.

Why not give it a try?

In June, I'm planning to host a workshop where you can enjoy the Japanese art of wrapping and tying, which magically helps organize your heart and mind. Stay tuned for more details!



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