The Art of Furoshiki: Wrapping Your Emotions with Care

The Art of Furoshiki: Wrapping Your Emotions with Care

When you use your hands to do something, your current state of mind naturally manifests in that action.

If you rush, it becomes sloppy.
If you feel like you can't do something well, it reflects in your work.
Cutting corners communicates something.

But what's important is facing your current state of mind. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has those moments.

Items you want to wrap in furoshiki somehow feel important to you. They could be precious tools for hobbies or lessons, beloved clothes, favorite accessories, or a carefully prepared bento box. Things you don't want to get dirty or delicate items require even more care. Gently wrapping them in furoshiki brings a sense of calm. When you tie it up, you feel reassured.

The desire to treat something with care leads to the natural and careful adjustment process of wrapping it in furoshiki, and tying it is an act of mindfulness. Realizing that it's because you're reassuring yourself, saying "it's okay," made me realize that the furoshiki I casually used every day became something familiar and special to me.

Every year on my birthday and anniversaries, I reflect on my feelings. I express gratitude for the emotions I've experienced this year and first reward myself. Today, too, furoshiki will accompany you on a day that feels true to yourself!

First, let your heart naturally settle.
By giving, your feelings take shape and are conveyed!

Experience the versatile Japanese wrapping furoshiki! I would be delighted if you could try it out on the Valentine's Day to your love ones!



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