Embracing the Big Change: How Challenges Fuel Our Growth and Discovery

Embracing the Big Change: How Challenges Fuel Our Growth and Discovery

I recently had an enlightening chat during the afterparty of an entrepreneurship seminar. At first, when the host casually asked us, "What has been the happiest moment in your entrepreneurial journey?" while we were sipping on drinks, the responses were somewhat predictable. Many mentioned the freedom to choose their path or the financial successes they had enjoyed. While these are significant achievements, the conversation felt like typical and didn’t get into deeper, more personal stories.

However, the mood shifted dramatically when the topic changed to challenges. Over snacks and relaxed drinks, the host asked, "What has been the most challenging part of your journey as an entrepreneur?" This question sparked lively discussions all around. Everyone was eager to share their personal trials and the creative ways they've tackled them, making the afterparty buzz with engaging stories and laughter.

This led me to appreciate the Japanese word "大変" (taihen) even more. In Japanese, "大" means "big" and "変" means "change." So, "大変" suggests a "big change" or a significant opportunity for growth. It’s not just about the difficulties; it’s about the transformative opportunities they bring. 

And this could be for any challenges, right? Whether in your daily routine, at work, or during personal projects, I could now think of them as "big chances to change." This positive perspective can really helped me to keep my spirit up! Overcoming these challenges often leads to discovering new aspects of yourself and opens doors to unexpected opportunities.

Keep embracing these moments in your life, because it’s through tackling these everyday challenges that we often find the inspiration to embrace our "big changes." By confronting our difficulties head-on, we not only inspire each other but also continue to evolve and grow. Whether it's a casual chat or a more serious discussion, remember that each challenge is a step forward in your journey!



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