Wrapping in Everyday Life!

Wrapping in Everyday Life!

Hello everyone, As we approach the end of May, the hydrangeas are blooming beautifully under the summer-like sun, making us realize how quickly the seasons change.

Since the pandemic, online shopping has become more common, but I often receive packages with careless wrapping. I’m sure I'm not the only one who feels disappointed by this. The same goes for gifts—if the wrapping and tying are sloppy, it leaves a bad impression and fails to convey our true feelings. Proper wrapping is essential.

In daily life, there are various ways to use furoshiki, but gifts are a way to convey our hearts and thoughts. The recipient can feel the warmth of our hearts, making it more than just a gift—it's an act of communication. Thus, how we wrap, present, and the timing of giving are important.

When bringing a gift, pay attention to how you present it. In Japan, it’s common to unwrap the furoshiki before handing over the gift, but we consider the furoshiki part of the gift itself. We recommend explaining this to the recipient as you present the gift.

In a time when eco-friendly and minimal packaging is on the rise, furoshiki can be very useful. Just one piece can be used in many ways.

The Japanese concept of wrapping differs slightly from Western wrapping. Western wrapping often involves stuffing items into bags or boxes with a lot of space. Beautiful wrapping papers are often torn and discarded. How do you unwrap gifts in your country?

On the other hand, Japanese furoshiki not only wrap items but also wrap hearts and emotions. Wrapping paper is carefully unwrapped and reused, maybe as a book cover or a tray for fried foods. Furoshiki can remain as a memento and be used repeatedly. It embodies the spirit of Japan, refined over thousands of years.

Furoshiki wraps and protects our hearts, making it a cherished part of our lives. At Musubism, we are committed to promoting the use of furoshiki and true knots worldwide, enjoying a Japanese lifestyle that is gentle on the environment and enriches the heart.

Knowing the spiritual significance of wrapping and tying with furoshiki gives a special meaning to your gifts. Plus, it's eco-friendly!

Why not experience using furoshiki with us? We’ll show you easy, practical ways to incorporate Japanese spirituality into your daily life.

Please join our Musubism workshop! It’s scheduled for Saturday, June 29, 2024. Let’s enjoy finding your unique way of wrapping and celebrating the spirit of Tanabata together. We look forward to meeting you all!


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