How Clean Toilets Can Improve Your Luck and Relationships

How Clean Toilets Can Improve Your Luck and Relationships

In Japan, there's a surprising belief that toilet cleanliness can bring fortune and success. Let's dive into this unique tradition and see how it might affect your daily life!?


Meet the Toilet Deity

There's a deity in Japan called Kusou Shasenmyouou(烏枢沙摩明王), who's believed to look after toilets. It's said that by keeping your toilet clean, you can invite good fortune into your life. There's a song about it too!

Feng Shui and Clean Toilets

Feng Shui is a belief system that says the way you arrange things in your home can affect your luck. In Japan, we believe that if you keep your bathroom tidy, it can make you healthier and luckier. Many successful people, like Honda's founder, Soichiro Honda, swear by this practice.

Why Clean Toilets Matter

Keeping your toilet clean isn't just about hygiene. It's also about creating a positive atmosphere at home and workplace. A clean bathroom can reduce stress and make it easier to get along with others because it makes you humble by engaging in tasks that people find unpleasant voluntarily can have positive effects.


Japanese traditions around toilet deities and Feng Shui might seem strange, but they have a big impact in Japan! By embracing cleanliness and positivity, could be on your way to a happier life.

How does this resonate in your culture?



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