Discover the Fun in Every Fold and Knot - Footwear-

Discover the Fun in Every Fold and Knot - Footwear-

Hello everyone!

Lately, I'm all about my Converse All Star sneakers! In Japan, we have the tradition of taking off our shoes before entering a home. Unlike other sneakers, with Converse, you need to tie the laces when putting them on and untie them when taking them off. This may seem trivial, but tying the laces properly ensures they fit comfortably on the feet. Conversely, a careless knot can make walking uncomfortable and even cause blisters.

There is a positive impact in every careful action. Symbolically, the act of tying begins as an unconscious pre-departure ritual, and when taking them off, I make sure to untie and neatly align the shoes, infusing them with a silent gratitude for supporting me throughout the day. 

And it’s not just about my Conny—any laced shoes follow the same rule. From my climbing shoes for weekend adventures, to the running shoes that see me through my morning jogs, I always start with the right lace (yes, that's my quirky rule!). When I ask my friends, it turns out many of them have their own superstitious routines too. Beyond just the sports or activities, the shoes we wear daily are wrapping our precious feet, deserving of our full attention.

 So, which side do you start tying from?

Taking the time to fold and tie things carefully adds a sprinkle of fun! Thanks for hanging in there with me to the end! Hope you’re now a bit more curious about furoshiki and the Japanese culture! 



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