A person who does not care about

A person who does not care about "the things", does not take care about "the people".

mai 29, 2019

A person who does not care about "the things", does not take care about "the people".

Up to the present, I think that there is some kind of proportion between the people and the things.
For example, when a person who keep buying things and leave them unused could be someone who is kind of needy, not so considerate person.
And someone who takes care of things with appreciation, could be a passionate person.
Do you agree or disagree?

If I could say a bit more, think about how to use things in daily life. Especially when you are tired, you can see the nature of person and people often tend to use things without care.
For example, throwing handbag and shoes roughly as soon as you get home, because you probably need to jump into the couch!!
I get it but, how about starting from today to place them gently where you normally store.
It might be just a handbag, but that handbag helped you carry things and make look pretty during the day!
Make it a habit to show appreciation to your belongings and replace them in their home everyday.
This ritual for your belongings will bring you mental stability and will change your behavior with people also.

Using things properly is with no doubt related to our personal will. But if you take a good care, it will be like your long time friend and helps you to reduce unnecessary consumption.

In Japan from ancient time people believe that every little things have soul, and that soul with reside only by using them. It is important in Japanese culture to take a good care of people and all the things with soul.
These are standard for judging good and bad about the people.