Gifts from the Universe

Gifts from the Universe

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Today is Blog Monday.
This time, the theme is "Gifts."

The pleasant sound of rain marks the beginning of July. As we step into the second half of 2024 from today, July 1st, how are you all doing?

July reminds us of Tanabata in Japan. During a recent workshop, I shared about the modern calendar's Tanabata, the reasons why Orihime and Hikoboshi cannot meet, and the sadness of the rain that falls on this day. It's unfortunate that the solar calendar doesn't align well with Japanese customs and daily life.

I believe that living according to the lunisolar calendar, which follows the moon's phases and the sun's journey, makes more sense. Since over 70% of the human body is made of water, it is said that the moon's phases strongly affect nature and our bodies. The ebb and flow of tides on full moon days and even the timing of childbirth are influenced by the moon's energy.

Tanabata was originally more about purification than making wishes. People would use this time to cleanse themselves and reset their lives, washing away various things in water as they stepped into the second half of the year. In Japan, it’s common to wash your hair, hands, or even immerse yourself in the sea or under waterfalls to cleanse impurities. Globally, during baptism, water is always used, either poured or immersed. Perhaps it’s because water is the source of life.

In our busy modern lives, I believe many of us feel a diminishing sense of the seasons. That’s why it’s important to take a moment to stop, look up at the sky, notice the flowers at your feet, or visit mountains and nature-rich places to experience the unique things that can only be felt now.

I believe the seasons are gifts from the Earth, sending cheers to our present selves! Wishing you all a wonderful July.


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